Curt & Sarah's Wedding


Curt and Sarah were wed on the bluff at Point Roberts.



The day was beautiful, with the sun shinning down. About 120 guests enjoyed the ceremony, along with about 40 Crystal Water Beach community members.
















Curt and Sarah August 27, 2005

The Morning of the Wedding

At around 3 am , I woke up, took my blanket out into the living room and curled up on the couch to watch the sunrise. I wrote my vows, and my reception speech, and it all came pouring out in those few hours of quiet and peacefulness. And just like that it was over, the doorbell rang, it was 6:30am and the hairdresser had arrived. The girls woke up, and we made coffee while Amanda got to work on my hair. I remember drinking two cups of coffee and eating a hard boiled egg and that's all I could stomach. People started arriving to setup and decorate and it was just a complete whirlwind. Katrina was - in charge "of getting people where they had to be, and who was setting up what" basically, day-of coordinator. She knew I was very particular about everything I had made, and how I wanted things, so she came up to me in a moment of calm and said "just trust me, okay, it was all be just prefect". I said okay, and immediately calmed down. I knew it was all just going to be taken care of, it was out of my hands. At 8am we moved to the Avens' cabin to get dressed and dolled up, as the caterer was arriving soon and we needed to be out of her hair.

Although it seems like we didn't have a lot of time to get ready, it all got done in time and perfectly on schedule. Each girl took her turn in the chair to get her hair done, the flowers were dropped off, I got into my dress, we all started doing makeup, I stopped to eat a cinnamon bun as my stomach could be heard a mile away and then it was time for the "first look" pictures. The photographer arrived just in time to snap some getting ready pictures and then he and I were off to meet Curt up the road at the farm house. As we were coming out of the house I hear, "wait Sarah, I have something for you", and I turn around to see Dan, the Best Man coming towards me with an envelope. Inside was my handmade garter from Curt's nanny. We got some great shots of Dan, kneeling down and putting on my garter! HAHA. So Clinton (the photog) and I start walking up the dirt road to the farmhouse, along the way saying hello to neighbors coming out of their cabins to wave to the bride. As I came up to the garden, I see Curt in the backyard, with his back to me. I instantly felt calm, and just so ready for the day to start. I walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and looked so handsome, and all he said was "wow!.wow!.." We did some lovely dovey cuddling pictures in the garden, by the horses, at the gate and fence. And then the ironic happened a bird pooped on Curt's shoulder. Sure it's good luck and all, but now he's got poop on his dress jacket shoulder!! Of course, he proceeds to wipe the poop off with a leaf, it was pretty funny. Then Clinton left us and ran down the road to grab some last minute reception shots before it was all trampled. And Curt and I slowly made our way back to the wedding, hand in hand.