Web site 2007

If you have pictures or information that you would like to see on the web site please send it along to the webmistress address shown below in the footer.

I am looking for any pictures of past executive members or history articles or pictures for the site.







Katrina Watts

Katrina has been involved with web designing since 1997. She worked for Capilano College for 20 years and 10 years in the IT Department. In the IT Department she created the first ever Intranet site for the College. She enjoys taking pictures and creating web pages.

Katrina has been a member of Crystal Water Beach since 1969 and has contributed to the community in many ways, recently taking the position of President for the past three years on the Crystal Water Beach Association. (2003 - 2006)

The recent web site has taken over two months to design and with the vast amount of information to put together, the first part of the site is finally ready to be displayed. ( January 12, 2007)

Katrina enjoys being a grandmother to her seven grandchildren which keeps her equally as busy as the web site.