Spring 2006 Storm Damage

clear beach

As you can see the beach is very clear of all logs.


beach houses

Also along to the beach houses there are no logs.

beach no logs

What a beach -- no logs!







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Spring 2006 Bluff erosion and damage

The damage to our stairs became evident when we noticed that they had floated away on the tide. A new set of stairs were completed in the late Spring by Ron Watts. Thank you Ron.

Below you can see the erosion of the bank. Our cliffs are our heritage and property to maintain in our community. The more of the bank we loose the more the upper cliffs eventually become unstable at the top of the bluff.

A work party was set up on the May long weekend to stabilize the banks. This project will be finished in the new year. Thank you to all who have helped in this endeavor over the summer.


bluff damage



Pictures by K. Watts Spring 2006.

The top picture was borrowed from the "All Points Bulletin March 2006 Issue". For more pictures have a look at the following web site.