Previous Rafts

The rafts at Crystal Water Beach have been built by many people during the years. The following are the excerpts from the Annual General Meeting Minutes.

"August 5, 1961 Annual General Meeting (AGM) - a committee to plan and build a new raft: J. Harris, W. Viner, B. Watts, R. Graham, R. Porier."

"July 5th, 1970 Annual General Meeting - George High reported the raft was ready for launching. It was moved and seconded that a letter of thanks go to Jerry McClintock for his efforts in constructing the raft."

"July 4th, 1971 Annual General Meeting - Denny Caldecott said he would look after launching the raft."


Raft Information from AGM Minutes

"1972 AGM - R. Hourston & D. Caldecott agreed to see about launching the raft."

"July 22, 1973 AGM - Mr. Overton reported that the raft was in fair condition having made the necessary repairs to the drums."

"July 13, 1975 AGM - To be launched at 2:45 p.m. July 13th, work party welcome."

"July 11, 1976 AGM - Mr. Landahl agreed to contact Mr. Overton re launching the raft."

"July 10, 1977 AGM - not to be launched. Not enough interested."

"July 6, 1980 AGM - A motion was present by Mr. Chapman to construct a new raft for use in the summer of 1981."

"July 2, 1984 AGM - Donn Aven offered to build a light-weight raft for about $100."

"June 30, 1985 AGM - The raft was reported to be still in good condition. It will be launched at 2:00 pm."

"July 17, 1988 AGM - Dave Poskitt offered to construct a new raft."

"July 2, 1989 AGM - It was moved by Peggy Viner and seconded by Gayle Moir that up to $150.00 be used to build a new raft. Ron Watts has acquired 10 barrels and some lumber and he will build the new raft. Thanks Ron!" Raft of 1990.

July 2, 1994 AGM - Ron Watts has desgned a new float. Constuction underway and assemby should be mid July." Raft of 1994.

"June 30, 1996 AGM - There will be a work party right after the meeting to get the raft into the water."

"July 10, 1999 AGM - A motion was passed that CWB Raft be launched at 4pm July 10, 1999."

"July 8, 2000 AGM - Special thank-you and bottles of wine were given to Ron Watts (for building the new raft)." Raft of 2000.