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Gayle's 50th

? (Tune: Mr. Clean)

Gayle gets rid of dirt and grime
And grease in just a minute
Mrs. Clean will clean your whole house
And everything that's in it

Mrs. Clean… Mrs. Clean …
Mrs. Clean…

Gayle's been known to leave the fun
And get home in a hurry
She needs to clean those toilets now
Before they get all furry.

Mrs. Clean… Mrs. Clean …
Mrs. Clean…

We're concerned dear friend of the
European ‘Cooties”
Clean those toilets really well or you'll get
the ‘Scooties'.

Mrs. Clean… Mrs. Clean… Mrs. Clean …
Mrs. Clean…   ************************

? (Tune: Do Your Ears Hang Low)

Do your Boobs hang low Do they wobble to and fro
Can you tie them in a knot
Can you tie them in a bow
Can you swing them over your shoulder
Like a continental soldier
Do Your Boobs hang low

Everybody) Yes my Boobs … Will you let us know please
If you pee when you sneeze
It's a sign that you've aged
When your wet to your knees.

And now just because…
We'll take a little pause… (Sigh!)
As she heads down the road
To a firey MENOPAUSE !
Where you're flushed and your hot
And you tell Bruce… NOT!
Don't just feel ‘hell-y'
Grab the K Y Jelly

 And you're back on track…
Flat on your back,
Life is still NIFTY
Even though you're 50!!

Gayle's Surprise party happened on July 25th in the Tully's front yard. As Gail's 50th birthday is in the winter, a little fun was had by all. The committee of Judy and Noreen, Judy, Janet, Sue and hosted by Ellie and Liz put together a wonderful luncheon. All food was brought by all the ladies in attendance. Gail's 50th

(All Talking)
The Toast We're here today to celebrate
That Gayle Moir is really great! So here's to Gayle with the most,
It's time to propose a special toast
To Our Dear Friend Gayle To GAYLE!!!